Reputation and Dignity

Explanation of Reputation and Dignity in Land of Kai.

In Land of Kai, reputation and dignity play important roles in determining how other players perceive and interact with you. Your reputation represents how well you are known and respected in the community, while your dignity represents how well you uphold the game's values and rules.

Your reputation and dignity are crucial in the Land of Kai. Without a good reputation, you may face consequences such as limited access to certain areas, quests, and NPCs. In addition, with a bad reputation, you won't be able to upgrade your classes until you improve your reputation. It's essential to maintain a positive reputation to fully enjoy the game and access all its features.

While completing quests and raids your reputation will increase which will delimit you from other players as it showcases your experience in Land of Kai. Reputation will also be necessary to upgrade items, armor, and enter certain raids.

The exact scores required to reach each reputation level will be disclosed in future development notes. It is possible to increase your reputation level, but it's important to note that you can also lose your dignity.

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