P2E Token Thaler

Introduction of the in-game currency Thaler.

Apart from the native token KAINET, Land of Kai has also introduced a Play-to-Earn token called Thaler. Thaler serves as the spending token within the game, and players can earn it through various activities such as quests, monster battles, and side quests.

Earning Thaler:

Thaler is the primary token that players earn within the game, and it can be obtained through various activities, such as:

  • Quest completion

  • Defeating monsters

  • Finishing story side quests

  • And more

Players can accumulate Thaler and then use it to purchase NFTs from the Kainet Marketplace. Some of the NFTs require both KAINET and Thaler to purchase them, and these are the special ones.

Using Thaler:

Thaler can be used to purchase NFTs from the Kainet Marketplace, and it can also be exchanged for KAINET. The exchange ratio and price of Thaler will be determined later during the further development of Kainet.

Burning Tokens:

Most of the KAINET and Thaler spent in the marketplace will be burnt. This means that they will be removed from the system and cannot be used again, leading to a decrease in the overall token supply.

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