NFT Pets and Mounts in Land of Kai

Pets and Mounts in Land of Kai.

Land of Kai offers players the opportunity to collect and use NFT Pets as they explore the game world. These pets can provide a range of benefits, including increased combat effectiveness, enhanced exploration abilities, and access to unique areas or items.

NFT Pets can be acquired in a number of ways. Some are available for purchase in the KAINET Marketplace, while others can be found as rewards for completing certain quests or defeating specific monsters. Additionally, players can hatch new pets by collecting and combining different materials found throughout the game. Each NFT Pet has a unique rarity level, ranging from Common to Legendary. Higher rarity pets generally offer greater benefits to their owners but are also more difficult to acquire.

Furthermore, Land of Kai will provide Mounts and different items in the NFT Marketplace to stand out from other players and move faster in the seemingly endless open world map.

More details about the rarity, attributes, and upgrading process of NFT Pets will be revealed in this GitBook soon. Players should also note that NFT Pets can serve as collectibles and potentially be used for financial transactions within the Land of Kai ecosystem. Stay tuned for more information on NFT Pets.

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