Available equipment in Land of Kai.

In Land of Kai, players can acquire equipment through various means such as purchasing them in the Kainet NFT Marketplace, claiming them as rewards for defeating dungeon monsters or exploring dungeons, and receiving them as rewards for completing side quests or main quests.

Additionally, players may also purchase NFT equipment directly from the armor shop by interacting with an NPC. Apart from the rarity level, players have the option to strengthen their weapons and armor by having them processed by specific NPCs.

However, to do so, players must first gather certain materials, as well as pay gold for the service. It is worth noting that there are three possible outcomes when enhancing - a successful enhancement which increases the "plus" level of the item by 1, a fix where the equipment is not improved and cannot be further improved without additional tools, or a failure where the item is destroyed.

To prevent an item from being destroyed during the enhancement process or to allow for further improvement after fixing, players may use special protection items available, such as the Equipment Protection Scroll which guards against destruction, the Release Scroll which removes fixing, or the Amulet of Enhancement which enables the enhancement of fixed equipment.

However, it should be noted that using the Amulet of Enhancement does not remove fixing, nor does it provide protection against destruction, therefore requiring an additional Equipment Protection Scroll.

Information about the rarity levels of NFTs, as well as the upgrading process and necessary requirements, will be provided in this GitBook closer to the release of Land of Kai.

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