In this section we introduce Land of Kai.

Land of Kai is a 3D Open-World RPG & P2E game that is only accessible to KAINET holders. The game offers NFT-based assets that can be used to customize your character, as well as the opportunity to battle other players and earn tokens, collect NFTs, and purchase virtual land in the Metaverse.

In addition to the web and desktop versions, the game will also be available on mobile devices in a later stage of development. The game includes an engaging story mode and quests to help level up and upgrade your character and its accessories.

Land of Kai is currently being developed for both Web3 Browser and Desktop platforms. However, due to the limitations of browsers, the web version has compressed graphics compared to the high-quality graphics available on the desktop version. It can be said that the desktop version is the complete game while the web version serves as a demo.

We have a video available to showcase the gameplay of Land of Kai. Both versions are still in development, and while we have shared some sneak peeks, our users have had the opportunity to play both versions previously and attend in-game events. Keep an eye on announcements regarding future releases, and updates. Further information will be available in our GitBook.

Good to know: Participation in the play-to-earn platform will require your player to possess a small quantity of KAINET tokens.

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