Wallet Tracker

How to track wallets with Kai Wally.

  1. To use the tracker function in your browser, go to https://util.kainet.world/wally. The homepage will appear like this:

  1. By clicking on the Settings button in Kai Wally, you can choose between different themes and networks. The app currently supports Ethereum, BNB Chain (former Binance Smart Chain), Polygon, Fantom, and Rinkeby Network. You can also hide suspicious amounts that are already known as scams, so they won't show up in the wallet you are tracking

  1. To track a wallet, click on Add Wallet and a popup will appear. You can choose from your previously added addresses or search for new wallets by entering the address and clicking on the + button.

  1. After adding the wallet, you can track the amount you hold on different chains and add more wallets if desired. The tokens and their value are displayed, using Coingecko's price API for listed tokens. Additionally, you can view NFTs held in the wallet and buy links for tokens, including Poocoin, Pancakeswap, and Dexguru, as well as the BscScan link.

  1. Clicking on the rocket icon (right) next to Hide will enable the Moontiplier feature which calculates your potential earnings if a token increases by 2x, 5x, 10x, or 100x. Give it a try and see how it works.

  1. Clicking on the + symbol next to the token name (left) reveals the transaction history of the wallet, including incoming and outgoing transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, buys, and sells. You can also view the token's chart and see whether its transactions were successful or not. Additionally, the dates of the transactions are displayed.

Additional information:

  • You can hide tokens by clicking on Hide. To unhide them, click on the settings button and select Unhide.

  • The current price feed and 24-hour trading data are taken from the Coingecko API.

  • You can add or remove wallets at any time by using the Add Wallet or Remove Wallet buttons.

  • The app functions the same way on the App Store.

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