Showcase of the mini-games contained in Kai Grand Pixel.

Grand Pixel features five different mini-games that allow users to compete against each other and earn score points. These score points are displayed on leaderboards, and the best players have the opportunity to redeem free Thalers every month. Each of the five minigames has its own scoreboard, and the games are named:

Ball Blitz, Weapon War, Sawmill, Fishing, and Rockfall.

As a teaser for our upcoming game, we will only provide details about one of the five mini-games featured in Kai Grand Pixel. If you're curious about how Ball Blitz works, you can find more information in the table of contents of this GitBook. The mini-games allow users to compete against each other to earn score points, which are tallied on leaderboards. The best players on each game each month can even redeem free Thalers.

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